Meet the Founder | Abby Willroth of Willroth Consulting

Posted on June 15, 2023
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Abby Willroth, Founder, Kirk-Will Inc., dba Willroth Consulting

Abby is the passionate founder of Willroth Consulting, a firm committed to providing personalized consulting and empowerment services to aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their jobs. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after leaving her corporate job and seeking a platform where she could engage in fulfilling work suited to her strengths.

Abby appreciates the challenges and obstacles that come with running a small business, but has learned to stay motivated and focused on her goals. She aspires to grow her business while maintaining a personal connection with her clients.  By participating in Spark!, Abby hopes to gain new insights, ideas and connections that will inspire her and help her take her business to new heights.