Meet the Founder | Keytia Long, XTreme Janitorial & Cleaning Services

Posted on June 15, 2023
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Keytia Long, Co-founder, XtremeClean Janitorial and Cleaning Services

XtremeClean Janitorial & Cleaning Services is a minority- and woman-owned business servicing the Central Arkansas area specializing in sanitizing and disinfecting.

Keytia, the resilient entrepreneur behind XtremeClean, started her business in response to unexpected adversity in the form of job loss during the 2020 pandemic. Despite the sudden setback, she and her husband saw it as an opportunity to build a brighter future and generational wealth for her family. Despite her struggle with the unknowns of entrepreneurship, finding potential customers, and lack of experience, she’s proud of her achievements, including securing new funding from winning local pitch competitions.

Keytia’s vision for XtremeClean is to become a top-rated, minority-owned business known for exceptional service and for its inspiring story of transformation. She hopes to gain knowledge, guidance, and mentorship from Spark! to elevate her business to the next level.