JOLT Cyber Challenge and Little Rock Tech Fest to Pack a Punch During Tech Week

Posted on October 1, 2019
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It’s TechTober in Arkansas which means there are so many ways to celebrate entrepreneurship and technology right here in Arkansas. The entire month boasts fun events across the state. Here in Little Rock, The Venture Center team is gearing up for an epic cyber battle at the 2019 JOLT Cyber Challenge. Our seasoned Game Masters have run this cyber-security training for several years, but this year, we hear they’re pulling out all the stops. The teams able to solve these cyber challenges will win big – but everyone will gain critical skills and will build stronger teams than ever before.

Participants will compete for prizes while developing high-level tech skills in areas including remote access exploits, web vulnerabilities, code-breaking, physical security, privilege escalation, reverse engineering, and code manipulation. We only have a few spots left, so register today at

Little Rock Tech Fest, the state’s annual developer and tech conference, is set for Thursday, Oct. 10, through Friday, Oct. 11, at the Statehouse Convention Center. The conference will once again focus on popular web, mobile and other related topics from industry leaders, professionals and aspiring software developers.

“This year’s conference is focused on bringing new technologies and industry experts from across the globe to educate and improve our local tech community,” said Paul Gower, co-director of Little Rock Tech Fest. “Over the last several years Little Rock has made a name for itself within the tech-industry and we hope by providing this local, advanced-learning opportunity, we will further our reputation as a major player within the industry.”

To learn more or register for the event, visit