FIS Founder Spotlight | IDPartner

Posted on October 5, 2023
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The FIS Fintech Accelerator in partnership with the Venture Center brings bankers, subject matter experts, and financial service executives together with pre-vetted, market-validated fintech companies to advance the financial services industry. We are so excited to introduce you to an ongoing series of meetings with the incredible alumni of our accelerator, and the impact they’re making today in the fintech industry.

Why did you decide to join the program? 

We are at the FIS Ventures team early in our startup journey and appreciated their expertise and generous help with introductions. When we learned about the accelerator, we jumped at the opportunity to apply.

What are you most excited about in the program?

The high frequency of meetings with bankers and rapid feedback is helping us refine our product and value proposition.

Why should banks be interested in learning more about your solution?

IDPartner is a bank-based digital identity network that delivers a new, low-friction method for people to prove their identity online. Banks that join our network will be able to help their customers skip cumbersome sign-up processes when accessing digital services that require identity verification. Banks will benefit from new daily touchpoints and receive a portion of ID verification revenues.

What are you interested to hear from the bankers?

We have been asking about their priorities relating to identity and fraud, and asking for their feedback on internal use cases for our platform which help to build the business case for participation while our network is still in its early days.

What is your favorite thing about your company?

Research shows that the time the average person spends resetting passwords and proving their identity to access online services is on track to exceed 38 hours per year unless a better solution is found. That’s like an entire extra work week at a full time job, every year, for everyone, and doesn’t include the time lost dealing with identity theft, which can double the lost time. Reusable digital identity has been called the holy grail for our industry, and we are thrilled to have the chance to make an impact in this space.