Navigating the Unknown: Veronica Tice’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey with TiceCon

Posted on February 1, 2024
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By Viktoria Capek

Veronica Tice’s path takes unexpected turns, moving from military service to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship with TiceCon. Her unique story, characterized by resilience and surprising changes, challenges typical expectations.

Tice’s military chapters tell tales of diverse roles—from Communications and Cyber Officer to Military Manpower and Personnel Officer. Each assignment became a brushstroke, shaping her leadership style.

“My commanders were mentors, not just bosses,” Tice said. “They taught me principles, no compromises.”

Transitioning from military order to entrepreneurial spontaneity began with an unexpected call from Camp Robinson.

“Construction projects were the plan, but life had its own ideas,” Tice shared. Instead of blueprints, government contracts took center stage, transforming TiceCon into a consulting and contracting entity beyond just construction. “We’re exploring, figuring out our niche.”

TiceCon isn’t merely a business venture for Tice; it’s a family collaboration. Growing up amidst a tapestry of small business owners – pecan orchards, health food stores, and clinics – she draws inspiration.

“I want our kids to see problem-solving as the gateway to entrepreneurship,” Tice emphasized.

The Venture Center’s Veteran Owned Small Business Accelerator is Tice’s guiding star through uncharted terrain. “It’s about refining our services and broadening perspectives,” she noted.

The program isn’t just molding her business; it’s reframing her narrative.

As TiceCon unfolds its chapters, Tice emerges not only as a military veteran or a business owner but as a resilient navigator of life’s uncertainties. Her story is a testament to the extraordinary journeys that unfold when you embrace the unexpected, a tale unique to her experiences and aspirations.

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