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#VCLiftTheRock: Rock City Digital + Innovation Hub

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This month, Lift the Rock features Rock City Digital's CEO + Partner, Clay Mosley and Innovation Hub's Executive Director + Lead Maker, Chris Jones.

Enjoy learning about resources available at the Innovation Hub over lunch at the Venture Center and get ready to be inspired by the startup story of Rock City Digital!

About Clay Mosley

Clay Mosley was fired from every job he ever held. His first job out of college was working in insurance operations. It didn’t take long to realize that job wasn’t for him. For the next 10 years, Clay hopped from job to job, getting fired from each one. But it wasn't for being lazy or not good at his job. He wasn’t traditional so the corporate jobs didn’t work for him. After realizing he was unemployable, he started Rock City Digital in Feb 2015.

Clay takes a completely unorthodox approach to his business and that has allowed him to exponentially grow into a team of almost 20 people in just three years. Things, like running a remote culture and moving to 100% performance-based contracts, have allowed for quick scalability.

Clay also owns three other businesses in addition to Rock City Digital and speaks about marketing and startups at multiple conferences around the country.

About Chris Jones

Dr. Christopher M. Jones is Executive Director and Lead Maker of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. He has graduate degrees in nuclear engineering and urban planning, and 20 years of experience in energy and infrastructure, diversity, community development, housing and management. Formerly a principal at BCT Partners, Jones was lead executive on numerous multimillion-dollar federal projects. As executive director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) in Boston, Mass., he secured more than $6 million in funds for the organization and supported a community of active and engaged residents. As assistant dean for graduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he led efforts that doubled minority enrollment and more than tripled minority applications to MIT graduate programs. His academic research ranges from plasma fusion and nuclear nonproliferation to the social impact of large-scale energy infrastructure systems. An Arkansas native, Jones has served on or supported several boards of directors and spent one year as an algebra teacher in a Boston public school. Jones holds five degrees, including a B.S. in mathematics and a B.S. in physics from Morehouse College, where he received a full scholarship from NASA and served as student body president; an M.S. in nuclear engineering and an M.S. in technology and policy from MIT, and a Ph.D. in urban studies and planning from MIT. He and his wife, Dr. Jerrilyn Jones, live in Little Rock with their three beautiful daughters.