Charting Fintech’s Future: Join Us at the VenCent Fintech Summit in August

Posted on July 25, 2023
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As the CEO of the Little Rock Regional Chamber, I’m eager to share an extraordinary opportunity slated for August – VenCent Fintech Summit – a global event that continues to position Little Rock at the forefront of financial technology and banking innovation.

I find it exciting, to say the least. Here’s why.

Little Rock, celebrated as the 1968 birthplace of fintech with the establishment of Systematics, now known as FIS, has a long legacy intertwined with entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and technological breakthroughs. As we again host the VenCent Fintech Summit, Little Rock proudly asserts its’ place as a nurturing, progressive ecosystem where financial technology continues to evolve, flourish, and shape tomorrow’s future.

Why is this monumental for Little Rock?

A global event of this scale provides a powerful national spotlight, underscoring our city’s capacity and commitment in shaping the fintech narrative. Inviting VenCent participants to consider Little Rock as more than just our state’s capital city reaffirms our identity as a fertile hub for groundbreaking ideas and business ventures… a place that’s ready to create and redefine unique solutions in financial technology.

Such events supercharge our local economy, stimulating every sector from hospitality to retail. But it goes beyond economics – it’s about the invigorating energy, creative collisions, melting pot of ideas, and international exposure. In essence, it’s about infusing a global heartbeat into the pulse of our city as we ideate together.

What does this mean for the fintech industry?

As a compelling opportunity for industry trailblazers and banking leaders, VenCent was launched to come together and craft the “what’s next” for financial technology. It’s a melting pot of innovation and an arena for exchanging ideas. Gatherings like this create a ripple effect that extends beyond the event’s timeline. We’re not just hosting a conference, we’re bringing the best and brightest visionaries together to innovate a better financial future for all.

As we prepare, I want to personally extend an invitation to all bankers and innovators: join us. Arkansas bankers can use my personal code CHAMBERVC at checkout to receive 40% off your ticket purchase. Don’t just predict the future, be a part of shaping it. Register now and help us push the boundaries of what’s possible at VenCent.

See you at the Summit,