How to get noticed on LinkedIn

Posted on June 28, 2023
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By: Beth Pittman, Co-Founder Skills Lab Training

Did you know recruiters will review your LinkedIn profile before ever reviewing your resume?  Recruiters are scouring LinkedIn looking for talent to fill their open positions.  Your LinkedIn profile needs just as much attention as your resume. Here’s how:

  1. Start with settings:  Ensure your profile settings are set to public, so you can be found easily by anyone.
  2. Updates: If you are updating your profile, but don’t want anyone to know, you will need to turn off the share profile updates with your network button.
  3. Profile Pic: Have a professional headshot of yourself.  It’s as simple as using portrait mode on your phone and having someone snap a photo in front of a simple, well-lit backdrop.
  4. Keep it current: Recruiters are constantly using LinkedIn.  Even if you don’t use the platform that often, others are still looking at whatever your profile says.  Keep it current and show them your best.
  5. List your responsibilities and accomplishments:  If a stranger reviewed your profile, would they know what you do? Make sure you give details on your roles.
  6. EDU: Make sure you have your education listed there.
  7. Extras: List volunteer organizations or professional associations you are involved with.
  8. Buzzworthy: Use common buzzwords in your area/field that a recruiter would search on. Refer to job descriptions for desired jobs and make sure keywords are included in your profile.
  9. Show your expertise: Use LI to show you are a subject matter expert.  Post and/or repost content that is particular to your field or passion.  (For example, Joe is a writer, he would post tips about writing or articles he’s written.) Either write them yourself or re-post with comments on the content.
  10. 500 club: Strive to have over 500 connections, this expands your network and allows more people to be able to see you. The power of LinkedIn is harnessed in having more network connections vs. posts and comments.
  11. Network freely on LI:  The unwritten rules of LinkedIn are different than other social platforms. You don’t have to “know” them in real life to connect.  If you find a company/role that is interesting to you – don’t be afraid to connect with the recruiter or individuals at the company and start a conversation about the role.

It’s easy to allot 10 minutes a day to LinkedIn – comment on people’s posts, post your own content, and reshare content that will grow your brand.  This will make it easy for recruiters to find you.