Living in the Future: Brant Collins’ Journey from Tech-Savvy Kid to Media Visionary at Collins Media

Posted on February 1, 2024
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By Viktoria Capek

In the quiet hum of his home in Dover, Arkansas, Brant Collins found solace in the glow of a computer screen.

“I’ve always been an early adopter,” Collins said.

The roots of this trait could be traced back to Collins’ childhood, where curiosity sparked the flames of a tech-driven passion. Little did he know that this inclination would become a defining thread throughout his life.

As a young adult, Collins donned the uniform of the United States Navy, and the military became his arena for showcasing tech prowess. For five years, Collins served as a mechanic and a diver on a submarine.

His creative spark reignited once he returned to civilian life a fine art and sculpture major and media connoisseur.

In 2008, Collins fostered a project known as Station X, an internet television station.

“I wanted to take all of my years of experience and create content for the Internet, which I was told wasn’t going to work because YouTube was never going to be anything,” Collins recalled. “But we pressed on.”

This project led Collins and his wife to develop their own media agency, serving large Arkansas clients such as the Capital Hotel and some national organizations. During this time was when Collins carved a niche as the guy who could decipher the intricacies of non-linear editing, among other multimedia storytelling skills.

“Teaching myself Final Cut Pro felt like unlocking a hidden world,” he shared.

Under Collins’ seasoned eye, Collins Media was born and evolved into a melting pot of creativity and cutting-edge technology. Captain of his media ship, Collins set sail on a unique course. His passion for helping others succeed became the North Star.

“I want to help people succeed, and I enjoy helping people succeed,” he declared.

As Collins journeyed through life, tourism became his playground. He loved exploring thriving industries in different cities, aspiring to tell stories that echoed the beating heart of tourism.

His leap into The Venture Center’s Veteran Owned Small Business Accelerator is a strategic step to turn his media passion into a sustainable career.

“I’ve got a lot to offer. I have a lot of knowledge,” Collins said. “Now I just have to figure out a way to frame it to where it’s profitable for me and my family.”

From a tech-savvy kid in Arkansas to a media visionary, Collins weaves a story of unwavering spirit. Armed with industry insights and modern tech, he crafts impactful narratives, leaving a lasting impression on communities.

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