Windows to Resilience: Wayne Jaques and the Legacy of Arkansas Shades, Blinds & Shutters

Posted on February 1, 2024
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By Viktoria Capek

For almost three decades, Arkansas Shades, Blinds & Shutters has stood as the epitome of window treatment excellence across the state. In the heart of this remarkable venture, Wayne Jaques is steering the ship. As the architect of a business legacy, Jaques’ journey unfolds as a saga of resilience, with roots planted in the rich soil of his immigrant mother’s unyielding spirit and his formative years amidst a bustling household of seven siblings.

“My mom had this no-nonsense attitude,” Jaques shared. “She came from post-World War II Europe, and that toughness became a part of who I am.”

His journey from a boisterous childhood to the disciplined confines of the Air Force unfolded like an adventure.

“I joined the Air Force at 18,” Jasques said. “California was my playground, and those flying experiences were like a preview of the challenges I’d face in business later on.”

Leaving the military in 1996, Wayne set out to conquer the entrepreneurial realm, bringing military precision to the construction industry.

“I learned that meticulous planning, attention to detail, and an unyielding work ethic were non-negotiable. It’s the military in me,” he chuckled.

The construction world soon felt the impact of his meticulous approach, especially during significant undertakings in Sherwood, and well-known maintenance projects like the Clinton Library. 

Yet, life had its curveballs. Jaques faced floods and unforeseen hurdles, showcasing not just his business acumen but an uncanny knack for innovation.

“My building was underwater, but instead of crying over my Cheerios, I took action,” Jaques shared. “I wrapped it in plastic, set up pumps, and lived inside with two feet of water around it!” 

Jaques, despite his innovative spirit and the face of hardships, recognized the need to amplify his journey, which led to him joining The Venture Center’s Veteran Owned Small Business Accelerator program.

In 2024, Jaques stands at the crossroads of experience and the digital age, eager to amplify his story. Acknowledging the potential of social media, he noted, “Young people may not grasp the experience I bring.” It’s about more than just posts—it’s about establishing authority.

With palpable excitement, Jaques envisions a digital footprint that echoes a lifetime of triumphs. Social media becomes a tool not just for business but for telling a story and adding chapters to the ever-expanding saga of Arkansas Shades, Blinds & Shutters.

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