VCWoman Achieve Mentor Spotlight | Tracy Cryder

Posted on March 21, 2023
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VCWoman Achieve is a mentorship program dedicated to forming meaningful relationships and helping an entire community of women flourish professionally. We are so excited to introduce you to an ongoing series where we celebrate the success and achievements of the amazing members of Woman Achieve.

The Venture Center: What inspired you to participate in VCWoman Achieve?

Tracy Cryder:

I’m incredibly proud of the rising leaders in Little Rock, as a passionate advocate for women in leadership— I believe one of the most important things that we can do is invest in the next generation of women leaders through mentoring, coaching, and collaboration. The VCWoman Achieve program was particularly important because it was both long-running to cultivate the type of deep, trusted relationships as well as well structured- it provided the type of flexibility and a bit of gamification to incentivize the participants to have frequent and meaningful connections.

What value has this mentorship program brought to you both personally and professionally?

I have learned a significant amount as a mentor, I find the best mentorship programs provide learning for both the mentor and mentee— and VCWomen Achieve did not disappoint. I have been fortunate to develop friendships and a trusted advisor network.

What growth have you seen in both your mentee and yourself throughout this program?

As a mentee who is also an entrepreneur, I found this program to help me grow as a leader, and a mentor, and contribute to a powerful community of women that are truly shaping the face of Arkansas professionals.  Women have a truly unique opportunity to build out their board of advisors, I like to call this my “shecosystem”, VC Women Achieve was a pillar of my shecosystem providing irreplaceable relationships, learning, and networking.

What advice would you give to those interested in applying for this program?

Your value is solely hinged on your personal contributions— I invested significantly in the relationships, collaborating with my mentee, and getting truly plugged into the incredible resources of LR VC.  From a return on investment — this is one of the best initiatives I’ve had the honor to participate in.