VCWoman Achieve Mentee Spotlight | Tina Gilbert

Posted on September 12, 2023
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We are so excited to introduce you to an ongoing series where we celebrate the success and achievements of the amazing members of Woman Achieve. Meet Tina Gilbert one of our mentees!

The Venture Center: What major changes has your company experienced throughout this year-long program?

Tina Gilbert:

Being part of the Woman Achieve program has allowed my consulting company Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC to experience several major changes. These changes include the creation of a referral program, the publication of a white paper on inclusive leadership, and the expansion of my business network. These changes will assist with increasing referrals, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and growing my professional connections. Overall, these efforts have committed me to improving some of my business practices and building a strong foundation for future success.

What value has the mentorship program brought to you both personally and professionally?

My mentor experience has been great. The personal experience has been a valuable opportunity where I have gained new insights, perspectives, and skills that have helped me become a better entrepreneur. Also, emotional support and encouragement is particularly valuable during challenging times of trying to  grow my business. Professionally, Noressa has provided exposure to new people, ideas, and experiences, which can expand my network and help them to make new connections. In summary, my mentor experience has provided a range of benefits and several of the ideas/programs I have incorporated came from our discussions.

What’s your favorite piece of advice that you received while in this program?

I really enjoyed the presentation from the accountant “separating your business and personal finances” As a sole entrepreneur this was difficult, but I have revamped everything and I’m currently using a bookkeeper to keep better records. This helps me to track all business expenses and income, which will simplify my recordkeeping and tax reporting. It will also help me make better financial decisions for my business, as well as give me a clearer picture of my cash flow and profitability. This is a big step toward running a successful and sustainable business and taking it to the Next Level.

What advice would you give to those interested in applying for this program?

I would definitely tell them to apply for this program and connect with everyone because you have access to a host of amazing women who can provide some valuable insight.