Spark! Meet the Founder | Soroya Tucker, VLS Waste Solutions

Posted on October 5, 2021
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Welcome to our Spark! Meet the Founder series, where we introduce you to the amazing entrepreneurs who are participating in our Spark! 2021 program with a quick Q&A!

Spark! is a small business pre-accelerator that puts the right people, opportunities, and access in place for local entrepreneurs in Arkansas to grow their venture to the next level. 

Please meet Soroya Tucker, founder of VLS Waste Solutions. VLS Waste Solutions is a valet trash service provider devoted to a seamless process that benefits our clients and environment.

The Venture Center: Why did you become an entrepreneur? 

Soroya Tucker: My goal as an entrepreneur is to identify the gaps in the services, knowledge, resources, and support in our community. I also wanted to make an impact on the younger generation as well.

TVC: What problem does your business solve? 

Tucker: We are a locally owned service provider serving our communities through valet trash and residential trash services on the outside of city limits. We provide solutions for your waste management needs. With the apartment industry, our goals are to maximize their Net Operating income, increase retention and continue the beautification of their property.

TVC: What are your hopes for your future as an entrepreneur? 

Tucker: My desire to run and own a self-managing company. The goals are to operate, grow and fund a successful business despite the challenges that we face as a women-owned company.

TVC: What are you most proud of and/or what is your biggest challenge in your entrepreneurial journey? 

Tucker: I am most proud of being able to be a part of many great organizations that will allow me to take our business to a higher level. I am proud to be a company that is bringing jobs back to Arkansas. My biggest challenge is competition with national waste companies or nationally owned valet trash companies.

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