Join us October 6-8, 2017 for the #Jolthackathon

JOLT is a weekend-long cyber security-themed, capture the flag style competition. On-site expert Game Masters monitor and adjust the challenges in a responsive, real-time environment to ensure that everyone has fun. JOLT leverages advanced open source technology and uses tools that power some of the most complex real time solutions in the world. 

  • “ I have participated in numerous hackathons around the country, but the JOLT hackathon was one of the best-planned, best-organized and best-executed events that I've attended. ”
    — Russ Beardell, IBM

  • “ It was an experience to see so many people come together and show their support for a growing tech community. It’s nice to have it here in the heart of Arkansas. ”
    — Andrew Lewis, UALR Cyber Security Club Member and Jolt Game Master

  • “ It is, hands down, the most effective team building exercise ever created for the IT sector. ”
    — M. Curl, Data Network Manager, two time JOLT competitor

  • “ You might think that you know a lot about this kind of stuff, and then you get handed your a** on the very first puzzle. I LOVED THAT, and I learned to think even more out of the box than usual. ”
    — W. Harris, Automation Specialist, 1st time JOLT competitor

  • “ I walked away with better problem solving skills, and an increased desire to expand my programming knowledge. ”
    — T. Hicks, Programmer, 1st time JOLT competitor

What is JOLT? JOLT is a Jeopardy style, capture the flag competition. Challenges are grouped by category, and higher difficulty levels mean higher point values. Over the course of the competition, participant teams will work to find solutions and capture as many flags (and points) as possible before time runs out. JOLT is designed to bring awareness and expose vulnerabilities of cyber security, as well as gamify the networking and training of Arkansas' local tech community. 

JOLT is not the kind of event where teams focus on building a solution to a problem and walking away on Sunday with finished code and a potential product. What you walk away with instead is an enhanced understanding of potential real world vulnerabilities, the power of intensive team building, and the knowledge that you just completed something epic. 

Do I Have to Be a Coder?
No, but some technical savvy helps. JOLT is designed to be fun for hard core developers as well as novice tech nerds. Some challenges are code heavy, while others focus on logic, strategy & puzzle solving. We think this is what makes JOLT really special. From beginner to wizard, we have something that will test your skills. 

What is Included?
Registration includes participation for four plus :

  • 6 Full Meals + Snacks + energy drinks, sodas and all the caffeine you can handle, plus adult bevs for those with IDs
  • Access to technical mentors & exposure to some of the top local tech talent in the region—plus the chance to try out new concepts, tools and skills
  • Free parking behind the Little Rock Tech Park (as available) 
  • Registrants signed up by Sept. 22 receive a JOLT T-shirt
  • Student and individual team rates are available

Early bird registration and student rates are available. Want to participate but don't have a team? Email

Can I Get My Boss to Pay For It?
Well, you can certainly try! Need a little help? Download our handy CEO-approved program flyer.

What Do I Win??
Bragging rights. Accolades. Silly trophies. Possibly some fun prizes. We'll see.

What Should I Bring?
Each team member must bring their computer of choice. You are encouraged to bring in your equipment on Friday evening so that you are ready to rock on Saturday morning. Ethernet access is limited, so plan for wifi. Extra extension cords are always appreciated. No monitors or computers will be provided.

Coming in from out of town? $99 rooms are available in reserved blocks at Homewood Suites and Hampton Inn (a 5-minute walk from The Venture Center). You must call the hotel directly to reserve a room.



Want to know what the competition is like from a former competitor?
Check out this writeup from Spring 2017’s winning team!